Growth Through Grief


Just imagine…

Imagine having a day being the best and worst day of your life. That day for me was July 8th 2018. I am the happiest man on the planet. My wife Jade has just given birth to our son, Hugo. Jade and I are together in this moment. We are dreaming of our future. Life feels great.  Everything feels complete. And just like that, in a coin flip moment, joy turns into tragedy.

My mission is to be a representation of an idea, not some icon. The idea that we can all take small steps to achieve our own success through whatever adversity we face.

Adversity can deliver what feels like a long journey, but this is where true growth lies. I want to inspire people to believe in themselves, stand tall and share their vision with the world.


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Real with Ric Episode 1 Life with Jade

Life with Jade

Episode 1

Real with Ric Episode 2 8th July 2018

8th July 2018

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Arriving Home

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Real with Ric Episode 4 Running Forward

Accepting Acceptance

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Growth Through Grief

Growth Through Grief

A Story of Inner Strength, Creativity and Bravery.

Ric Hart shares his journey from day one of loss, up to a point he never thought he would get to, a milestone that felt a million miles away, Hugo starting school. This book is a representation that there is always hope through deep grief and grief, we just have to think differently physically and mentally, and  positive change is inevitable.

Ric Hart shares his emotions and thoughts amongst some very challenging processes throughout his loss, relying on his deep inner strength, creativity and bravery. Taking steps towards, positive energy, peace and acceptance stepping forward as a single parent and widower.

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Cruse Bereavement Care
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Cruse Bereavement Care
Inspira Group

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